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Montigny le Roi - 52140 - Val de Meuse



Le camping du Château is located on the site of the medieval castle built during the 13th century by Thibaut de Champagne, who later became the King of Navarre (hence the name of the village: Montigny-le-Roi).

Standing on the border of the Duchy of Lorraine, the castle protected the population from invaders. In 1604, King Henry IV decided to have it dismantled, and in 1636 it was completely destroyed during the reign of Louis XIII.

The site dominates the high valley of the Meuse to the east and reaches west to the watershed towards the English Channel and a few kilometers away to the south, the watershed towards the Mediterranean Sea.

In the territory of the Val de Meuse community, at Récourt, you’ll find the confluence point of the two watersheds of European waters, forming the basins of Seine-Normandy, the Meuse River, the Rhine River, and of the Mediterranean Sea.


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Bordering the regions of Champagne, Bourgogne, the Lorraine and Franche-Comté, Montigny-le-Roi and its associated communities which constitute the Val de Meuse, have a rich historical past and have been the birthplace of famous men such as the Flammarion brothers, Charles-Ernest Cornevin, Felix Boisselier…



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Camping du Château

Rue Hubert Collot
Montigny le Roi
52140 Val de Meuse 


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