Camping du Château

Montigny le Roi - 52140 - Val de Meuse

Camping du Château : un écrin de verdure...
Ouvert du 15/04 au 30/09...
75 emplacements avec électricité...
Des emplacements aérés
Camping du Château : étape indispensable...
Détente petits et grands...
Profitez du calme de la nature
Tennis, promenades...
Points d'eau, bornes électriques...
Chemins éclairés...
“Station de Super-chargeurs TESLA” de Montigny-le-Roi
“Station de Super-chargeurs TESLA” de Montigny-le-Roi
“Station de Super-chargeurs TESLA” de Montigny-le-Roi

Your Campsite

In the center of the village, in a lush environment of green foliage, you will enjoy a wonderful stay

Le camping du château de Montigny le Roi is the indispensable element for the success of your vacation. Equipment for leisure activities is at your disposal to help you relax whenever you want to.

It’s the essential stop for children and adults.

General Information

Montigny-aerienAerial vew
  • Open 15/04 to 30/09, from 7:30 am to 22:00
  • Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), check or cash,
  • With or without reservation.


Plots, rental options

The campsite is made up of 75 plots with electricity. In the midst of enchanting surroundings, you can listen to the birds singing, watch the squirrels jump from tree to tree, and benefit from the nearby shops and stores..

  • Shaded and semi-shaded zones
  • Electrical outlets 6A / 10A
  • Water faucets nearby
  • Well-lit paths and roads.

Sanitary Facilities

  • Shower stalls
  • Washrooms
  • Basins for washing laundry
  • Sinks for cleaning dishes.



Contact Info

Camping du Château

Rue Hubert Collot
Montigny le Roi
52140 Val de Meuse 


Customer Service :
01 83 64 69 21


Reservation here : CAMPING-CAR PARK


Gps : N 48° 0' 3'' E 5° 29' 47''


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